Fulton Center Station NYC

2014 by Nicholas Grimshaw

Fulton Building is the main building for the Fulton Center project. It is a three-story building clad in glass, with an oculus atop that draws natural light into the main building and the uptown platform of the 4 5 station. Its construction replaced four buildings along the eastern side of Broadway, which were demolished during 2007.

Sky Reflector-Net, which was commissioned by the MTA Arts & Design (the art program of the MTA), was installed in 2014 in the Fulton Center transit hub. Located at the center of the oculus, the Sky Reflector-Net uses hundreds of aluminum mirrors to provide natural sunlight from a 53 ft (16 m) skylight to an underground area as much as four stories deep. This is the first intentional skylight in the New York City Subway system since the 1945 closure of the original City Hall station.