St. Paul, Munich

St. Paul in Munich, Germany was planned in gothic revival style by Georg Hauberrisser (who also created Munich’s New Town Hall – see the gallery of the Law Library in the Town Hall) and completed in 1906.
The church is a prominent Munich landmark – being right next to the Oktoberfest it’s seen by millions each year.

I have accompanied the church photographically for over ten years now with the 100 years anniversary as a very special highlight.

St. Paul is also home to the diocese of Munich and Freising’s art pastoral, cultivating the relationship with artists and their work. Exhibits of noteworthy artists like Jannis Kounellis, Rudolf Wachter or Stefan Hunstein can be admired in the sanctuary.
Several of the stained glass windows are designed by glass artist Jochem Poensgen – photos of those are featured in his monograph “Architecture des Lichts” (Architecture of Light).